Our Services

Prism Capital Management, LLC serves its community of clients that include individuals, families, and small business entities.  We are dedicated to preserving the unique requirements that characterize the core values of every client and their ongoing financial services needs.

We lend our service to a number of applications including:

  • Wealth planning
  • Retirement and In-Retirement planning
  • Investment advisory service (portfolio management/asset allocation)
  • Strategic Social Security planning
  • Fiduciary trust/trustee services

Business retirement plans (401k, Simple, Profit Sharing, etc)

Additionally, we have a comprehensive working knowledge of the needs of professional athletes and understand the unique financial challenges facing them through their current and post-professional athletic careers.


Our Process: The Concierge Approach

Prism Capital Management, LLC team acts as a client’s advocate in all facets of financial planning.  

This “concierge” approach builds trust between all parties as investments are coordinated with other important aspects of wealth planning. Whether a client has their own professional or would like us to recommend experts in a particular field, we always remain on the same side of the table as our client. We also understand that this is an evolving process as life events may require occasional adjustments.

There are no additional fees for this service.


Simplifying The Path Towards A Secure Future.

As your financial partner, our mission is to provide you the information you need to make the choices that matter most in your life.

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