Planning for Retirement

Let Prism help you create the retirement you´ve always dreamed of
We estimate your financial needs, review your sources of income,
calcualte your expenses, and help you make smart choices that
will get you there.


Investment Planning

A successful investor maximizes gain and minimizes
loss. Though there can be no guarantee that any
investment strategy will be successful and all
investing involves risk, our advisors can help design
stratgies to mitigate the effects of bear markets.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process designed to help
you manage and preserve your assets while
you´re alive, and to conserve and control their
distribution after your death. Leave a
lasting legacy for your family.


Tax Planning

Effective tax planning is a long-term, year-round
process, and cannot only be executed in the
waning days of December. Tax planning should
ensure “tax efficiency,” when handling all
elements of a plan.


Charitable Giving

When developing your tax and estate plan, you can do well by
doing good. Leaving money to charity rewards you in many ways.
It gives you a sense of personal satisfaction, and it can reduce your
taxes. However, careful planning is needed, so that your charitable
gift may be deducted from your taxable estate.


Business Succession

One of the important decisions a business
owner must face is when and how to step
out of the business – in other words,
business succession planning. Let us help
you develop a solid plan for success.


Divorce Support

Divorce puts your retirement assets and
business income under the gavel. By placing
your retirement plan, business, income and
property into an asset protection structure,
you can fare much better than going into a
divorce battle unprepared. Learn your rights,
and let us create a an asset protection
strategy for you.


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Your Journey Starts Here

Prism specializes in investment counseling. We have a unique approach that involves four founding principles:

  • Our clients are our priority
  • Fee-based only: No commissions - No conflicts of interest
  • Low cost
  • Independent - We work for you and no one else

If you’re looking for investment counseling and a firm that will put your needs first in helping you reach your financial goals, then please contact us for an appointment today.



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